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Explore the tribal regions and culture in Ethiopia with an incredible and unique Ethiopia photography tour. Book your Ethiopia tours, Omo Valley Tours at RemotExpeditions
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Ethiopia Tours-Tribal Expedition

ethiopia photography tour

This expedition will offer a deep understanding of indigenous cultures, fascinating history, and natural wonders. Between its ancient wonders and its vibrant ethnic traditions, Ethiopia tourism presents a rare chance for photographers to document fascinating cultures barely touched by the centuries. In the Omo River Valley, meet and adventure photo tours diverse people who distinguish themselves with elaborate body paint, scarification, and lip plates. Document bustling market scenes, train your lens on the exquisite underground churches of Lalibela and explore the natural beauty of Afar Triangle also called the Danakil Depression which is a geological depression. Follow the tribal Afar people who have inhabited this arid moonscape for centuries, eking out a living by transporting salt across the brutal desert by camel caravans and visit the largest living lava lake in the world


Ethiopia Tours Highlight

  • Combining the northern and southern parts of Ethiopia to draw out the uniqueness highlight of the country
  • Visit the amazing churches of Lalibela – churches not constructed in the traditional way but hewn from the living rock of monolithic blocks and in continued use since their construction in 12th century.
  • Frame a wide array of subjects, from bustling village markets
  • Visit the villages of the Kara, Mursi, Arbori, Hamar, Dassanech and Suri tribes to photograph their daily activities, stunning portraits, and timeless ceremonies.
  • Visit One of the more remote spots on the planet the Danakil Depression
  • Photograph the disappearing cultural tradition: the camel caravans that carry salt through the brutal desert, led by the nomadic Afar tribe
  • Visit the Erta Ale which holds the largest living lava lake in the world


Next Expedition from 01st – 12th October

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