Top 6 Reasons You Should Go To Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the worlds best travel destinations and the most safest place to visit. A land where you can experience the wide-open spaces, cobolt blue skies, forests, deserts, crystal clear river and lakes. It’s a land of adventure, horses and nomads. Being one of the rich natural countries in the world, there are 7 natural zones for every adventurer to explore. Zones like; High Mountain Zone, Taiga Forest Zone, Mountain Forest Steppe Zone, Steppe Zone, Desert Steppe Zone, Gobi Desert Zone, Wetlands.

Having the lowest population density, the nature takes on a completely new and different context. With endless pastures, waterfalls and dense forests, Mongolia gives you reasons to have a tour being a must place to visit.

The Mongolia tour, should be a must go trip on your bucket-list for the following reasons,


1. Nomadic People And Culture

The Mongolia’s culture are one of the worlds last surviving nomadic culture. The nomads are old-traditional yet very full of life and incredible calling towards their nature and norms. They are the most friendly and warmhearted people for you to meet and know more about the culture.

Music and Song culture – a very important element for the mongals, music proves to be the most practiced culture for them. Overtone singing, throat singing, Khoomi are few of their most known genres. They are able to produce two different sounds at the same time, the singers are well inspired by nature.

Sports– The national sport is Wrestling. This type of sport is been found to be very familiar amongst the children as well. A feature of Mongolian wrestling is the absence of weight class.


2. Plenty Of Sunshine

If you love outdoor and open space, Mongolia is your type of world. Incredibly diverse and beautiful sites, the warmth of the sunshine continues to amaze you at all times. From getting a perfect view to capture the light falling on your face, to enjoying the scene of perfect wide space. Having an average of 250 sunny days a year, the country has all it’s reason to be called ‘The land of the Blue Sky’.


3. Untouched By Modern Life

The people living in this wide space country, are completely unaware and untouched by the modern part of life. They fall on the side of being more open towards purity and and authentic nature of being comfortable in their own culture. They continue their lifestyles and way of living as pastoral herds, with young nomad boys riding horses.


4. The Kazakh Eagle Hunters

The Mongolian kazakh’s are semi-nomadic pastoralists. They herd goats, sheeps, yaks, camels and horses. They are the second largest ethnic group in Mongolia. They live in a traditional yurt tents, that is a portable round tent covered with skins or felt. The walls are either made of wood or bamboo.
Hunting with eagles is one of the form of falconry tradition found throughout the Eurasian Steppe. Witness the eagle hunters hunting with their magnificent golden eagles.


5. The Gobi Desert

The Mongolia has three main types of terrain.

  • 1. Steppe.
  • 2. High Mountain.
  • 3. Desert.

The southern and eastern part of the country are both directed by the Gobi Desert, both offering stunning landscapes, sand dunes and a chance to ride camels. The south Gobi, has better fossils than that of the east Gobi. Having numerous monasteries and spiritual sites, they draw just as many Mongolian tourists as foreigners to the desert. The desert are vast, bleak and very harsh, yet being the most visited place.


6. Naadam festival
The mongolian naadam festival is the only must see attractive and fun festival for tourists to see and visit every year from 11th to 13th July. The festival is one of its kind, being sophisticated and eloquent expression of nomadic culture. Being held once a year, people participate in it with even more joy and enthusiasm.

The festival being so attractive for both the locals and travelers, it focuses more on the three traditional games,

  1. 1. Horse racing
  2. 2. Wrestling
  3. 3. Archery

The Naadam festival, is about the national pride and is the only one of it’s kind. Being sophisticated and articulate with expressions of nomadic culture, it is the most honored celebration of a national independence.
An incredible combination of arts and sports, the festival stands to be inseparably connected to the nomadic civilization of the mongols.


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