South Sudan Tours – What Makes It So Special?

south sudan tours

About South Sudan

Located in Northeastern Africa, the Southern Sudan is home to many species of wildlife that includes rich biodiversity like lush savannas, swamplands and rainforests. South Sudan Tours, The best travel destination for tourism when it comes to tribal community has a unique adventure experience. With the country being incredibly unique with it’s cultural rituals, you get to see and be a part of the “wild east’ home to the Toposa, which is one of the most traditional ethnic groups in Africa.


With a long history of customs and traditions, there are many different ethnic groups in South Sudan. Producing handicrafts, like the Zande were prominent as craftsmen and artists. The material culture, particularly with their knives, spears and shields are one of the factors which they dominate and spread their culture with. Other different arts that they grasp are Basketry, net weaving, pottery, smelting, metalworking, wood carving and ivory.

Music is the most cultural tradition that the Sudan’s follow. many of their rituals ceremonies are accompanied by singing and playing musical instruments. A traditional style of music involves singers performing without musical accompaniment or with a limited drumbeat.

Southern National Park

Congo lion, Colobus monkey, Bushbabies, Marabou storks and Kobs is what you will get to explore at this most amazing and beautiful park. The seemingly endless swathes of the woodlands and grassy savannah are the largest protected areas in the nation.

Trip Highlight

1. One of the very few place to visit in the most remote part of the world.
2. Toposa tribe, a must visit place.
3. Camping at the semi nomad “Mondari” to experience its life style.
4. South Sundanese Nature.
5. Interaction with the locals.
6. learn about the life in less- visited tribe.

RemoteExpeditions, founded by our adventurer photographers with a passion for remote populations. Their lifestyle, and desire help with better understanding into different sets of culture and attributes towards getting familiar with other tribes.

Since the last ten years, they have been traveling in every remote and isolated countryside areas. The adventure expedition is one of the adventure travel tours for adventure lovers to devour. With the most fascinated forest in the world, spending most of the time exploring the best of time with the tribe displays an honor of knowing different types of culture in the world.

Their main focus is to have the right sense of interaction of communication with local people. With the ones who are isolated and have no certain understanding of what is been happening in the world. With tribal tourism, you get into the wild part of the world. Their imagination is far more creative and interactive in terms of sharing knowledge and understanding with art and culture. As photographers, you develop a habit of believing in the transformation of human race and the diversity being the greatest thing to experience.

Traveling with expedition, you will get to experience and know about the way how culture gives forms to new norms and those norms creates a sense of vulnerability with the way we think and act.