Ethiopia Photography Tour to the tribes of the Omo Valley

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Ethiopia Photography Tour


Ethiopia Tours

A rare chance for photographers to document fascinating cultures, history and natural wonders of this indigenous culture. Ethiopia photography tour takes you through extraordinary areas to meet and capture incredible subjects, with tribal people and their extraordinary traditions.

The trip highlights some important points.

– The northern and southern part of Ethiopia combine to showcase the beauty of the country

– The amazing churches of Lalibela.

– Bustling village markets

– Villages like Kara, Mursi, Arbori, Hamar, Dassanech and Suri tribes

display their daily activities and stunning portraits.

– Culture tradition: the camel caravans that carry salt through the desert led by the nomadic Afar tribe.

– The Erta Ale, hold the largest living lake in the world.

Omo Valley Tours

– As a travel photographer, you would be desperate to capture the creative and authentic portraits of the Omo valley. A remote south-western enclave of Ethiopia is home to some of Africa’s oldest and fascinating tribes.

The environment of this valley is very beautiful and the diversity of the people and the traditions is unsurpassed anywhere else in Africa. The Omo valley basically is an at-risk ecosystem with an at-risk community, but still a very wild place. The people of the valley are incredibly photogenic and showcase their tribal side to the fullest. True tourism in this trip is to see their dance parade, is performed solely for the benefit of the visitors who pay for the need or passion for photography.

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